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Step Aside is a larger-than-life comedy about dance world diva, who inadvertently gets her team disqualified from the big competition and the ridiculous lengths she’ll go to get them back on top. Ultimately, they dig deep and learn that winning isn’t everything…but it’s definitely preferable!

The film is starring Arden Myrin (“Insatiable,” “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” and “Mad TV”). The other main cast includes (in alphabetical order): Tahani Anderson, Tara Copeland, Imogene Elias, Merrick Hanna, Pressley Hosbach, Ellarose Kaylor, Gia Lopez, Amari Smith, Kelly Sweeney, Markell Washington, featuring Jackie Tohn.

Produced by: Kristi Kaylor
Created by: Jennifer McCaffrey
Directed by: Rebekka Johnson
Executive Producer: Adam Shaheen and Jennifer McCaffrey

The Loft Entertainment and Cuppa Coffee Studios USA.

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    Available on Amazon Prime Video

    Step Aside Production LLC 2023